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Lawn Mowing

At M.W.D. Outdoors LLC. our goal is to make your residential or commercial property standout from those around it. Ultimately, the quality of our service reflects as much on us as it does on you. We take care to properly maintain all of our equipment, rotate lawn mowing patterns and clear debris so that you can be proud or your property.

Our lawn mowing service includes a through and consistent cut of your lawn, edging with a string trimmer and a complete clean-up of grass clippings and debris from all undesired surfaces.

Surface Edging

Sharp, defining edges should separate your lawn and landscape from your driveway, curbs and sidewalks. Unsightly overgrowth can leave your yard looking unkempt and can prompt weed growth between the cracks in your walking surfaces. Surface edging helps provides a clean appearance for your property and reduces the amount of time required to complete yard maintenance.


Over time dead grass and roots build up in your lawn and can keep nutrients from getting to the soils. Additionally, this suspended layer of debris can be a breeding ground for insects and disease.

Generally, a simple review of your lawn will indicate whether you might need this service. If more than ½” of dead clippings and roots has build up at the base of your lawn then it is likely time to dethatch.

Our dethatching service provides a method to remove this built-up “thatch” to all rainfall, fertilizer and sunlight to properly feed your lawn. Normally, dethatching is performed in early spring around the time of the first fertilizer application.

The most common method of dethaching (and the one that we recommend for most yards on a yearly basis) is raking. This method uses a front tine rake attachment on our mowers. The tines of the rake extract the thatch from your yard as part of a normal mowing. However, during the process we collect all of the clipping from the mowing and dethaching so that none of it returns to your yard.

Alternatively, we also supply a more invasive dethatching method employed by a rotary mower. The mower is fitted with tines that extract the heavy thatch from your yard where it can be bagged and removed. This type of dethatching is only recommended for the worst debris build-up and would certainly not be recommended on a yearly basis.

Core Aeration

During the process of core aeration, the soil is punctured and small plugs or “cores” are extracted and deposited on your lawn. Over a period of about two weeks the cores eventually decompose back into the soil bed. Core aeration is intended to encourage the decomposition of thatch by loosening the soil and physically penetrating the thatch layer allowing valuable nutrients and sunlight to feed your yard. Generally, aeration is done during the late spring or early fall but can be completed anytime the soil is moist and the lawn is not dormant. We encourage our customers to have this treatment completed once each year to encourage root system expansion.

Overseeding / Slit Seeding

These two processes are used to introduce new grass growth within an existing lawn to increase overall density. Overseeding is the application of grass seed directly onto the lawn using a spreader. Once the grass seed is spread it is watered heavily to force it down into the soil. Normally this process is preceded by two complete lawn aerations to assure that the grass has the greatest opportunity to make contact with the soil.

Slit Seeding takes the application of grass seed one step further. During this process a machine is used cut “slits” into your lawn and the grass seeds are deposited into the slits prior to being covered by the displaced soil. This gives the grass seed the best opportunity to germinate and successful improve your lawn.

Generally, overseeding or slit-seeding is performed during the late spring or early fall and coincides with the application of a high phosphorus starter fertilizer.

Harley-Raking / Sod Installation

A Harley rake is an attachment for a skid steer or a walk-behind mower that prepares and grades the soil for sod installation. A Harley rake not only prepares the soil but clears rubble, rocks and debris to give your new sod installation a finished, clean look.

We work with only the finest sod suppliers to assure that your new lawn not only looks good initially but lasts for the long term. At M.W.D. Outdoors LLC. we go further than simply laying down the sod, we continue to monitor your new installation to make sure that your lawn takes root and flourishes.

Fertilizing & Weed Control

M.W.D. Outdoors LLC. uses only the highest quality dry granular name brand fertilizer products. We use dry granular product to assure consistent release of nutrient throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons. Additional, we select specific herbicides based on which noxious weeds are most prevalent on your property.

Our complete fertilizer and weed control program consists of five fertilizer applications and at least one weed control application throughout the growing season. Fertilizer applications occur in early spring, mid-spring, early summer, late summer and fall. Each fertilizer application is targeted to supply the nutrients you lawn needs at that specific time of the season.

Spring / Fall Clean-ups

Whether it is time to clean-up your property in preparation for the summer or clear out the fall leaves, we can offer a removal and disposal service that best suits your specific needs. Call M.W.D. Outdoors LLC. TODAY to schedule your FREE estimate.

Tree & Shrub Care

Whether you need planting, pruning or complete removal, M.W.D. Outdoors LLC. offers complete care for your trees and shrubs. We offer deep root treatments and preventative insect control programs to meet your needs. Additionally, debris chipping and stump grinding are also available.

Insect & Disease Control

No lawn care program is complete without assuring the damaging insects and disease are effectively managed. A lawn might be properly fertilized and weed free but if grubs are eating away at the roots your yard will not reach its full potential. Moles (looking for food) and Japanese Beetles (the adult form of the grub) are a good indication that your property might be infected by the common White Grub. M.W.D. Outdoors LLC. offers completed insect and disease control programs to assure that you lawn remains healthy and beautiful.